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It was on the day of his birth that he was different, different from everyone else without having a chance to prove them wrong, to have a chance to stay and have a normal life with his family. a demon soldier was sent that night to kill him, to kill a child who hasn't even seen the world yet. But that is the rule in Hell, eliminate the light. The child, born with a twin sister and by two demons, surprisingly was born with a little purity inside of him. The first, Demon Of Innocence.

Two loud cries came from the room of the house, a baby boy and baby girl were born. The two demon Parents smiled at the twins, the baby girl had light blue hair with violet pupils and the white part of her eyes pitch black. Her mother gently picked her up and cradled her in her arm to stop the little girl crying as she smiled down at her. Their mother had light pink hair with black and crimson red eyes with small horn growing out of her head, she looked beautiful. The baby girl slowly calmed down and stopped crying, her brother, who was a couple of seconds younger then her, was still crying, mainly because his mummy was giving all the attention to his sister. His father watched him cry for a little while, smiling softly at him.

"shh..Calm down.." He said softly to his child, once he had the little ones attention, he slowly used his fire magic to make little creatures, that moved around in front of the child. The fire was warm but not to hot to burn. The baby boy slowly stopped crying as he watched the illusions move around and interact with each other, he started to giggle as he watched them. His father was a tall man with dark blue hair as the night sky, pitch black eyes with blood red pupils. The child looked a lot like him, the baby boy had the same dark hair, but his eyes were normal, like human eyes with different coloured pupils, the right one was a beautiful golden yellow and his left one was an ocean blue, he also had two small horn growing out of his head like his mother. The father looked at his wife with a sad smile.

"W-what should we call them..Kara..?" He asked softly knowing that he'll have to take their son away. She was already starting to well up with tears.

"I-I was thinking Katlyn for the girl...and.." She struggled to get her words out. "The boy..Hakar.." She finally said almost crying. He nodded slowly smiling sadly.

"Their great names..." He gently picked up Hakar and held him close to his mother so that she could say goodbye to her son, Hakar tilted his head a little curiously to her tears.

"naaa..?" He cooed softly, she smiled sadly at him and kissed the top of his head.

"Be safe my little one...Leave him where h-he'll be loved..Shane..." She looked up at her husband, he looked back into her eyes sadly and nodded.

"Of course I will.." Shane said as he gently wrapped Hakar in a Blanket and disappeared in a dark mist.

A little story I started to write based on an rp with :iconjc-the-penguin:. It's about Hakar, a demon who was different from the others and it's pretty much what he does in his life on Earth to prove himself that he is just as strong as the others and his adventures along the way. :meow:

I will be continuing this and also Awaken Of The Moon when I can get some motivation to continue writing it. :XD: I hope you like it :aww:.


Katlyn, Kara and Shane - :iconjc-the-penguin:


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Jc-the-penguin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
x3 I can't wait for the next part! X33
ChibiChibiWoofWoof Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Yay! XD
Jc-the-penguin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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