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Dragon Cave - Dragons

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~This feeling~ .:Contest Collab:. by ChibiChibiWoofWoof
~This feeling~ .:Contest Collab:.
I'm entering a contest, feels like in forever since I have done that XD

The conest is being held by :iconjc-the-penguin: to make a girlfriend for her character. This is my new character I though of five seconds ago XD Hayata I think she is a hedgehog XD

Here's her info :3 (will be sloppy because I have to go to bed XD)

Name: Hayata Kitsu

Age: 20

Gender: female

Species: hedgehog

Personality: shy, kind hearted, hard working, sweet, childish, relaxed, polite.

Likes: playing the piano, music, art, reading, relaxing, meeting new people though is very shy at first, animals, occasionally horror games/movies, her mother.

Dislikes:  bullies, spiders, confident guys, being disturbed, her mother being sick.

Bio: Hayata lived with her mother when she was growing up, her father left her mother before Hayata was born wanting nothing to do with her or her mother. Hayata was close to her mother and always looked after her, even though they had a hard time with money. Hayata learned how to play the old piano that was in her family for generations and she grew to love the music that she'd play, Hayata would play for her mother whenever she was feeling ill and she also loved art as well and drew whenever she could. Even though she was shy, Hayata grew a love for horror themed things, she loved to stay up and watch old horror movies and play horror games, even she doesn't know why she likes the genre XD. The time came when she could finally afford to go off to University and study about music and art, though she still helps her mother get money when she's not studying at Uni, though she sometimes almost over works herself.

There you go ^^ Wish me luck~ :D can you guess what her shirt says? X3


 Keiron - :iconjc-the-penguin:
Hayata - :iconchibichibiwoofwoof:

"Ugh! Why there!? Couldn't she choose a different place to have her birthday party!?" I complained to my mother as she was taking a chocolate sponge cake out of the oven.
"It's Elena's birthday, Marshall. So, she gets to choose where she wants to have her party." She explained, putting the cake on the cupboard to cool down. I kept on complaining.
"But why Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!?"

We pulled up in the car park of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. I stared up at the words spread across the entrance in an arch style with three mascots under the words. The one on the left was a purple bunny in a red bow-tie, on the right a yellow chicken with a white bib with words written ‘Let’s Eat!!!’ and in the middle was a brown bear wearing a top hat and a black bow-tie. My little sister, who was very excited to be having her birthday party here. As soon as I hopped out of the car she grabbed a hold of my hand and practically started to drag me over to the entrance of the pizzeria*
"H-hey! Elena, you're gonna rip my arm off!" I complained, Elena just looked up at me with big excited blue eyes.
"But Mar-Mar!" She giggled joyfully as we ran. "Don't you want to see Freddy and his friends?" She asked as we got to the entrance doors. Inside was a rather large room with five super long tables all lined up with party hats, plates and a set of knives and forks. At the back of the room was a large stage with the three robotic mascots singing a song  with each other, lights shining on them to see them better and little star decorations hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. Kids dancing to the music, laughing and screaming, having fun. I dunno what they saw in those animatronics but they creeped the hell out of me, same thing about them just didn't feel right.

One by one my sister's friends turned up for her party, each bringing present after present. But what made my sister the happiest was singing the animatronic sing their tunes and just having fun. After eating my share of pizza and all the kids dancing by the railing near the stage, it was just me and mum who was watching the kids while they danced.
"I thought there was four of the band?" My mum asked, trying to start a conversation with me.
"One is out of order." I answered quietly, but loud enough over the screams of happy children.
"That's a shame." She sighed and I looked over at her.
"He's out of order because he bit a kids head off." I almost screamed it out to her. She gave me a stern look.
"Marshall-Lee." She started.

'Here it comes.' I thought to myself.
"Making up horrible stories like that and scaring someone is not appropriate, young man." She scolded, I stared at her for a little while before apologising to her.
"Can I go play at the arcades?" I hesitantly asked her. She gazed at me for a little while, as if trying to see if I actually meant saying sorry.
"Alright." She finally answered. "But only for a little while, it's almost time for everyone to go." She told me as I got up from my chair, I nodded and headed in the direction of the arcades. As I made my way towards the arcade which was passed Pirate cove and down the west hall, I felt relieved that I didn't have to see the animatronics for at least a couple of minutes.

Walking passed the closed violet curtain I stopped for a second and looked at the small sign that read
'-SORRY!- OUT OF ORDER.' I admit I did feel a little sorry for the animatronic behind the curtain, unable to entertain children only standing in the dark.
'Forgotten' the word ran through my head like a virus, I shook it off and suddenly looked up at the curtain, where the curtain parted slightly I could kind of see inside it, I saw what looked like a black eye with a white pupil staring back at me. I felt my heart skip a beat as fear swept over me, I have a fear of robot especially these ones. Quickly, I sprinted down the hall and into the arcade as fast as a speeding bullet. When I reached the arcade I was scolded by a staff member, who I ran into while running for my life.
"Hey, no running in the pizzeria little boy." She told me, waving a finger at me as I walked passed her*
"S-sorry..." I panted. In the arcade was a lot of old video games, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Pacman. The one place in the pizzeria where I could get away from the freaky animatronics and just relax playing my favourite games. I played in the arcade for what felt like hours, competing against other kids a and getting high scores, everyone was leaving, it was getting kind of late. Something caught my eye as I was playing Fix-it-Felix Jr, it was an animatronic, but, it was walking around. 'I thought they stopped that since what happened in..' My thoughts stopped dead when I realised that five kids where following it, they were all from the party... My sister was one of them. Curious to what was going on, I left the game and sneakily followed the kids down the west hall.
"This way kids~" The strange animatronic spoke. "Not much further now~" Something was really off about this one, it's voice didn't glitch up when it spoke and it certainly did not walk like a robot. The strange animatronic lead the five kids into the backstage room, which was filled with different heads and body parts of the animatronics, a shiver went down my spine slightly seeing the lifeless heads. As each kid followed the animatronic inside I noticed that at the nape of the animatronic as human skin... It was a costume not an animatronic! Quickly peering into the room, trying not to get seen, the kids where all happily looking around, until... The person in the costume grabbed a knife he most likely had stolen from the kitchen and started to attack the kids, they screamed for help and tried to despretly escape, but he blocked the only escape route and killed each child... Including my little sister. I didn't know what to do, I just stood there, trembling violently, I felt cold, really cold. I had never been so terrified in my life. As I stood there in terror staring at the pool of blood that was starting to build up as the bodies where stacked on each other, Elena's eyes met mine through the small crack in the door.
"Mar....Mar...." I heard her faint whisper as her eyes slowly slid shut and didn't open again. Tears flooded my vision and the bile in my throat arose as I backed up from the door and ran to the bathroom.

A while later when I had calmed down and tried to get my head around what had just happened, I got up from the toilet and staggered out into the east hall. My legs felt heavy and weak as I made my way slowly to the dinning room where I saw my mum. As I got closer I saw tears in her eyes and my heart skipped another beat.
"Oh Marshall..." Her voice was shaky and I felt the tears swell up in my eyes again.

"...Elena's gone..."

I can remember much of what happened on that day, the police were called in and they searched the pizzeria, the killer hid the bodies, they haven't been discovered since that day. Freddy's went down hill from that day with complaints from parents about horrible smells coming from the animatronics and bad reviews from the health department. Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria closed down at the end of that year. I had to go to countless counsellors and was taken out of school from what I had saw, the killer was charged with the murder of the five kids, but with no bodies found and proof of him even doing it he only went to jail for a couple of years. I came up with my own theory of where the bodies were, the only place the killer could have hidden them in a short amount of time... Inside the animatronics, there had also been a few night watchmen who had been disappearing while watching the animatronics at night after hours. When the pizzeria finally shut down I decided I would go there and find out what happened to my sister’s body.

~Five Nights at Freddy's~ Marshall's story
Was watching a bunch of FNAF videos, some funny and some where about the bite of 87, then I thought I might as well make the background story of my FNAF Fan character, Marshall and how he got involved with the animatronics, I got lazy by the end of the story so it could have been better but this is watch I have now XD. I hope you like it and please leave a comment as well as fave it, I'll appreciate it a lot :glomp:

Each poster in the background says a word or two :3 this is the order:

Chica: You
Bonnie:Help us..?
If you're new to this character, best you read his info first ~FNAF Character~ Marshall by ChibiChibiWoofWoof :D.

I think I got dates mixed up on when 87 happened and how the kids were killed but this was all I could think of >.<.


FNAF - Scott Cawthon
Marshall - :iconchibichibiwoofwoof:

Bored bored boredom~

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 8, 2014, 10:40 PM
Hiya guys and girls :waves: well the holidays are almost over it's warm in Australia and I'm too lazy to do anything XD sooo, where is everyone? XD I'm sooooooo bored and no one is on to talk to :iconfoxcryplz: if you feel mah pain I would love to talk to peeps :3 :iconfoxyayzplz:

i hope you have a great day :3

chibi out~ X3

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  • Drinking: Milk :3


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Commission list

:iconlancedannyf: A coloured sketch of Lance and Steve :3
:iconcharchu-devin: Request Devin, Shira and Gabriel dancing~ :dance:


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Shira or Chibi

I'll be your friend, but you better like chibi's. lulz.

my main characters are: Shira the vampire wolf, Spiketail the lunar wolf, rang the puppy, Yin and Yang the wolevs, Askin the Akana, Bell the fox, Cody the vampire hedgehog/wolf and Shilo the icewolf.

My besties
so far ;) (if i have forgotten someone can you let me know plz) The list is note in order


Dragon bros-:iconj-c:

Dragon cave account-…


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strange cousin that sits in their room all day and night, a does things-:iconx-sparkz:


My pet rock- :iconmtfoxx3:
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My Pet Ninja Fox-:iconlunatheninjafox:

You can tell me different ones that aren't on the list they you want to be and I'll add it on :3 it can be as random as you want to be, but it has to make sense X3


Current Residence: Australia
Favourite cartoon character: Jio Freed
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and lemmons..
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 2:02 PM
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 2:01 PM
SHOUT OUT TO MY BEST FRIEND SelenaLolz ON TWITTER (i dont know hy im shouting)
Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:29 PM
Thank you for the llama~<3
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 11:10 PM
Wed Aug 27, 2014, 2:13 AM
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 3:52 AM
OH NOES!!! :nuu:
Sat Jul 5, 2014, 10:52 PM
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Shouts all around~!! :iconLAAAplz:
Thu Jun 5, 2014, 6:03 AM



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